In need of cash? No problem!


We at the International Beans Corporation would like to present to you the opportunity to loan! If you're low on cash to buy your much desired sports car or mansion, you can reach out to us at Beans Corp. We will arrange a meeting with you and discuss the contract.

We ask everyone that loans to provide assets equal in value to the amount of the loan, as a collateral. This is for the safety of the company. You will get the collateral back once the loan has been paid off.

If you have any further questions regarding loans, you can contact us here.


We strive to give our customers the best interest rates possible. However, the government taxes our income. This makes it so our interest rates are very reliant on the government and how much they choose to tax us.

Here at Beans Corp, we keep our margins very low, so the customers can have the best rates in town.

Our current interest rate is between 10 - 25%. This is negotiable.


Our company resides in the heart of Los Santos, in the Rockford Hills.

Easily accesible by car and public transport, there should be no issues in reaching us. We have a small, underground garage you can use if you're a customer. Please do not leave your vehicles here over night.

You can recognise the building by our famouse logo, and the building itself reahing high in to the sky!

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