International Bean Corporation

Beans for everyone!

Bob Beans

Bob Beans is the owner and founder of the International Beans Corporation. It is his goal to spread the Bean Business across all of Los Santos. Together with his family and trusted companions, he seeks for the well-being of Los Santos and its inhabitants. As a born business man, he wil never turn down a good deal, and is always looking to make profit left and right.

Kelly Beans

Kelly Beans began her career in Los Santos as a Taco seller. As the days went by, people figured out that she sells more than just tacoes. She always had some Beans besides her tacos, that‘s how she started making connections and rasing popularity of Beans all around the city. Meeting big groups of people and letting them know what Beans company can offer them is the thing she knows how to do the best.

Jane Beans

Jane Beans is an ex grove member. She joined the Beans family to pursue her love for Beans. She has a vast knowledge of J-Beans and has a lot of connections that help the business in various ways. Together with her trusty BMX she is a proud member of the Beans Corp.